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Unfortunately, having your claim for veteran’s disability benefits denied is more common than you may think. Between the backlog of VA disability claims, the length of time it takes to have a claim approved, and the complexity of the VA disability claims process, many veterans are discouraged from seeking the benefits they deserve.

If you submitted a claim for benefits but your claim was denied, veterans disability claims attorney Nic Simpson can help. The Simpson Legal Group, PLLC assists veterans who are trying to recover the disability benefits they were promised.

The Simpson Legal Group Can Help with Your Claim for Veterans’ Disability Benefits

If your claim for VA disability benefits was denied, or if your disability rating is lower than what you think you deserve, The Simpson Legal Group can help.

VA disability claims attorney Nic Simpson will listen carefully as you describe your condition and how it affects your life so he fully understands the nature of your claim.

He will review your medical records and work with outside experts to prove that your disability is service-connected and get the benefits you deserve.

Denial of VA Benefits

Nic Simpson has dedicated his career to serving veterans and has a thorough understanding of the VA disability claim process. If your VA benefits have been denied, The Simpson Legal Group can appeal the decision by filing a Supplemental Claim, requesting a Higher Level Review, or filing a Board Appeal.

Help with Low-Ratings

Many veterans receive a lower disability rating than they deserve. You should not just accept the disability rating you receive. The difference between a disability of 90% and 100% can be more than $1,000 per month. If you think your VA disability rating is lower than it should be, VA disability benefits attorney Nic Simpson can help.

Denial of TDIU Benefits

If you are unable to work because of a service-connected condition but your claim for Individual Unemployability (TDIU) benefits was denied, you should speak to veterans’ disability benefits attorney Nic Simpson. He can review your claim and work to convince the VA to allow your claim.

Earlier Effective Dates

Many veterans are unaware that they are entitled to backpay from the effective date of their disability. In other instances, the VA provides an incorrect effective date. If you believe you are missing back due benefits from the VA, attorney Nic Simpson will review your claim to ensure that you receive all the benefits you deserve.

Free Case Evaluation

VA disability benefits attorney Nic Simpson offers a free, confidential case review. He and his staff will ask questions to learn about your situation, and will review medical records and other information to determine how he can help.

Guiding You Through the VA Appeals Process

The VA appeals process is complicated, especially if you are trying to recover your benefits while you are also trying to manage caring for yourself. Let The Simpson Legal Group handle your VA claim so you can focus on your physical and mental well-being.

From your initial consultation through the resolution of your claim, attorney Nic Simpson will offer a sympathetic and understanding ear, and will provide peace of mind as he helps you navigate the VA benefits appeals process.

Listening, Communication, and Understanding

Nic Simpson and his team will listen carefully and ask questions to fully understand your situation. We will explain the VA process so you know what to expect, and will fight for the benefits you deserve.

The Simpson legal Group: Serving Those Who Served

VA disability benefits attorney Nic Simpson has dedicated his career to serving disabled veterans. He will assess your eligibility, explain the VA disability benefits claims process, and help you recover the benefits you deserve.

Nic often works with outside experts to help prove that a veteran’s physical and mental impairments are service-connected. He will review the evidence and effective dates, handle the VA appeals process, and communicate with the VA so you have the time to focus on your health, instead of focusing on your VA claim.

Nic knows the sacrifice you made when you decided to serve your country, and he is honored to serve you.

To learn how Nic Simpson can help, contact The Simpson Legal Group today to schedule a free, confidential consultation to discuss your case and how we can help.