What disability benefits am I entitled to receive?

If you are disabled because of a service-connected injury or illness, you are entitled to VA disability benefits. The specific benefits you are entitled to receive will vary based on the nature of your disability, but may include:

  • Compensation for physical and mental disabilities,
  • Individual unemployability (TDIU) benefits,
  • Monthly compensation for assistance with activities of daily living,
  • A housing grant to pay for or modify a home to accommodate your disability,
  • Benefits for certain birth defects,
  • Dental care, and
  • Replacement of clothing that was damaged by prosthetics or medication that is taken for a service-condition.

Your disability rating dictates the amount of monthly benefits you are entitled to receive. If you suffer from multiple disabilities, benefits can be combined. If you have dependents and your rating is 30% or more, you may be entitled to an additional allowance.